About Us

Established in 1992 Stellato’s retail markets specializes in fresh fruits and vegetables, deli meats, catering, hot and cold sandwiches, prepared foods, soups, a large line of Cento Italian Specialities, large varieties of Hershey’s Ice cream, frozen foods, P&S Pasta and dairy products. We also provide retail/wholesale deliveries to the public, fine institutions, and restaurants. In 1965 Americo Stellato Sr. ventured to America from a small town in the mountains of Italy called Altavilla, a providence of Avellino (home of the famous Italian chestnuts). In 1969 he returned to Italy to prepare to get married to his bride Antoinette, a wonderful young lady from a small town called Baiano. They wed in Italy on August 30th that same year. Returning to America was their next venture…. On January 22, 1970, they boarded the cruise line SS Raffaello for a seven-day trip. Finally arriving at the ports in New York on January 29, 1970, only to settle in the town of Camden, NJ just outside of Philadelphia. Americo Sr found work with a company called Prince Foods, a pasta and sauce factory (famous for “Wednesday is Spaghetti day”). Finding it difficult to make ends meet, Antoinetta found work as a seamstress (her trade since she was eight years old) with Camden Custom trousers. 

In 1971, the first of three sons was born, Americo (Rick) Jr. followed by Pellegrino(Pelle)76′ and Giuseppe (JoeJoe) 77′. In 1984, venturing out of the city of Camden, NJ to a quiet Suburban town called Runnemede NJ, where they still reside today. Moving across the street from a produce purveyor, Rick soon found his calling by working summers on the docks. In 1989 his boss opened his first retail establishment which opened the doors for Rick to bring his two brothers into the field that hasn’t left them since.

In 1992, at the age of 21, borrowing his old boss’s pickup truck and his boss’s line of credit, Rick started a small produce delivery company delivering fruits and vegetables to local restaurants. From there we can say, that the rest is history.

In 1995 Rick and his old partner opened a retail location in the Berlin Farmers Market. Falling in love with the area and its customers is when he decided “this is where we need to be!” The search begins for a free-standing retail location.

In 1996 Pelle Stellato returned from Italy and joined Rick in 1998 in servicing restaurants across the tri-state area. Together, working long days and into the nights, the business started to grow at an extremely fast pace reaching over 100 accounts, demands for more trucks and space were needed more than ever to accommodate the volume of business that they had achieved. A warehouse became the priority.

In 2001 a warehouse was found on a 2-acre property, and as luck would have it, right in West Berlin, NJ, and with a 2000-square-foot building attached. Still focused on the wholesale side, we slowly started to add some produce in the building. Customers started to request other items and then more items were added until we had a full line of items ranging from Bananas to Jackfruit. We were so overwhelmed by the love and support of the community that now we shifted our focus to the retail side. Customers were baking us cookies, bringing us Thanksgiving meals, sending us Christmas cards and they were even hanging out with us as we worked, how could we not shift our focus? We fell in love with West Berlin and the Surrounding communities. In the meantime, Joe left his job on the docks as an inventory manager and high-low operator to join his brothers and completed the trio, as we know today as “The Stellato Boys”. The Stellato boy’s name was a perfect fit for the business as well. Since the boys were old enough to walk, where one went they all went, so there it began. “Here come the Stellato boys!”.

In 2001 the first Stellato Boys location was opened at a two-acre facility in West Berlin, NJ. Soon followed the second in 2003, Mantua, NJ location was opened. Today it has become a family-run business and the name was no longer a fit as we now have young ladies as well as young men to carry on the torch.

In order of birth – Giana 98′ , Vincenzo 00′ , Emilie 01′ , Giuseppe 05 ‘ and Julianna 06’….. Proud to be known as Stellato’s Market.

Please visit any of our locations:
Address: 1110 Mantua Pike Wenonah,NJ 08090 
Phone: 856-415-1988
Address: 775 South Route 73 West Berlin,NJ 08091
Phone: 856-768-8111